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Dudes. December 1, 2008

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I didn’t know this hotlinking thing was so bad!

I’m such a website/blogging/interwebs noob!


I read that comment/went to that link/read about hotlinking and I was like…. DURRR.

So anyway. Guys? Sorry for ninja-ing your bandwidth. It won’t happen again!



So…. question. Does wordpress offer one of these “server-hosting-put-your-pictures-here” things? Do I have to make my own server? I have no idea how this works. I realize I could also, um, just look it up. Online. Or something.


This yarn… November 22, 2008

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….is ugly.

I don’t, for the life of me, understand why people are attracted to variegated yarn. 

In my opinion- the yarn is awful. Variegated yarn makes it near impossible to see a beautiful pattern. It looks like someone tried to tie dye something (and – why would you ever want to tie dye something in the first place? Is it 1978? No. No, it is not), but ended up smearing dye everywhere.

Then you looks at socks that don’t have the variegated yarn, but have the same pattern. YAY. O HAI, Pattern that I didn’t even know what there because of weird wacky ugly colors all over those previous socks!! How ARE you!! I’m good! That’s good! I wish people wouldn’t use multicolored vomit yarn anymore when knitting me! You can’t even see me! I agree, Pattern. I agree. If I ever knit you, I’m going to use a sensible pink yarn that will look rad, AND show off your best qualities! Thanks, I really appreciate that! Ok Pattern, well, I’ll see you later! Um, ok. Wait! Do you, uh, wanna go see a movie or something sometime? I hear there’s gonna be some good ones coming out next- Um, I don’t know Pattern… I mean I know we’re buds, but I don’t know if we’re THA- But it would be, um, fun! We could hang out.. and eat popcorn… Um, look, I gotta go Pattern. I’ll call you sometime later ok? O-okay. Well… bye then! Buh bye!

Look, it’s between me and Pattern, ok? We’ll sort it out.

Moral of the story:

Variegated yarn is ugly, and I dislike it.

Now, socks that have a little speckling of other colors? I can totally deal with that! It’s yummy, it’s charming. It gives it a dash of texture while still retaining the pattern. Love it.

Edit: I totally ninjaed people’s bandwidth by hotlinking photos, CAUSE I”M A HUGE NOOB. I took them down. Won’t happen again. >.>


Denise Knitting Kit November 19, 2008

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My Denise knitting kit came in the mail!!! It’s a LOT smaller than I thought it would be. I figured it was going to be this bulky box, but it actually looks like a medium sized harcover book. So far I’m very impressed. Please note that I haven’t, in fact, knit anything with them yet. So. Take my “impression” with a grain of salt. =P But just from looking at it: The needles are smooth and have really well shaped points, the cords are sturdy, it’s easy to snap the needles/cords into place. They don’t seem to come apart easily either, until you really want them to. It’s pretty neat.

Tonight I’m hopefully going to start on that shawl. The yarn for it came in the mail with the knitting kit, and it’s SO soft. I’m hoping it will be perfect.

Question: how do you know if a yarn will felt or not?

God, I’d hate to slave over this beautiful patterned shawl for a month only to have it felt.

I can plz has no felt???


Yum, a shawl! November 10, 2008

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So just fyi, I’m dedicating this blog to knitting only. Even though I know there *are* in fact people out there who love knitting AND love world of warcraft (yes, I’m talking to you, ravelry group =P), the audience is, well, kind of small. Awesome! But small. So you can now find my WoW blog at:

Moving on to knitting: I just ordered the Denise Knitting Kit (or whatever it’s called). Info on it here (<–linky linky!) It’s basically got every single thing you would ever need (I’m talking needles and cords here) for knitting. Considering that I’ve been spending an arm and a leg for just one pair of single pointed needles in one size (like, over $10), I feel like this is a pretty good investment. If anyone has this kit, let me know how you like it!

Along with ordering the knitting kit, I also ordered some lightweight cream colored yarn to make this shawl for my mother for christmas. It’s absolutely beautiful, and I can’t wait to start on it. It *looks* like the pattern is difficult, but when you actually go through the stitches needed, it seems pretty manageable! I’m really excited about this, because I think I’ll actually be able to do it =P I’ll definitely be taking pictures of this one while I do it/when it’s done (unfortunately, still no camera set up on my laptop at the moment… I know, I know. I’m sorry! No, really, I am =( -cowers-)

What it *should* look like when complete:

What it *should* look like =)

What it *should* look like =)

Also, thanks for the suggestions about the hats! Double pointed needles scare me, but I *really* have to learn how to use them sooner or later. I can’t knit garter stitched scarves my whole life!! I refuse!! -puts foot down, starts riots, general mayhem ensues- I used to make excuses: “Well, I have to go buy the right sized DPNs before I can start this project, and, well, oh darn, I uh, forgot to pick them up at the store today while I was in there buying yarn, hm” or, perhaps “DPNs have a 100% greater chance of stabbing me in the night due to the fact that they have TWO points instead of ONE, so, I better just steer clear of those. Yup. You buy those DPNs, you’re gonna lose an eye. Vicious little things those are. What’s that? Oh, well, no I’ve never actually heard of that happening. BUT- BUT IT COULD. -cue eerie music-”

See, but now I have my Denise Knitting Kit on the way, and I have no more excuses. I WILL make a hat! I WILL make socks! YEAH! -jumps, fist pump, freeze frame!, roll credits-

Can’t wait for this stuff to come in the mail. =P

Hope you all are knitting happily away!!


World of Warcraft much? November 1, 2008

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So as you all may or may not know, I’m totally into World of Warcraft. I’ve got a 70 druid on server Bonechewer, and am super excited about the xpac =P

So right now, while waiting impatiently for November 13th to arrive, I’ve been leveling some alts. Like, lots of them. I’ve turned into an alt addict! I’ve got a shaman, a mage, a hunter, a rogue, a pally, and a priest. Yup. That’s right. Granted, I hate my priest (sorry to all you priests out there) – but I DO love healing (my druid is healing) and so leveling a priest to end game for heals is pretty tempting. But am I really going to level her all the way to 70? no wai.

My rogue, on the other hand, is SO much fun. It’s basically like druid cat form but with more cool abilities. She’s at level 32 atm, which is the highest level of any of my alts. Basically stealth, distract, hit from behind, sinister strike over and over, eviscerate, and pop evasion when you have to, or if you’re really in a bad place, vanish. Love it. I think that she’s got a good chance of getting up to 70 (even 80 when the xpac hits) eventually.

But is anyone else who’s leveling a pally totally blown away by it? Ok – seriously – she’s level 17 right now. I can take on mobs that are 7 LEVELS HIGHER THAN ME with NO PROBLEM. This isn’t an attestment to how awesome a player I am – although I’m pretty good, I certainly am not the best player out there. She isn’t even GEARED all that well.  She never runs out of mana, never runs out of health, bubbles when she needs to, Lay on Hands is a SICK heal, and – and – AND she gets Gift of the Naaru cause she’s a Draenei. Ok, I just barfed a little bit of overpowered up into my mouth. Excuse me while I go spit it up.

My mage on the other hand, runs out of mana after like 3 spell hits. Seriously. Frost bolt! Frost bolt! Fire blitz or whatever its called! Oh crap, out of mana. Ummm, ok, wand! wand! wand! (<3 wand)And then if another mob decides to aggro, I’m totally screwed. Sigh. At least I can conjure my own food and water. Silly mages. I hear they’re pretty sick at 70 though.

It’s interesting how much gear can make a difference. On my rogue, I’ve got a leg enchant that gives me +30 stam and +10 agi. Oh yeah. That’s right. I got em at level 12 or so…. nuts, huh? It cost a butt ton of money, but its totally worth it. Having all the extra HP has really helped me in leveling… you just don’t waste any time dying. It’s awesome.

Anyone else have any alt-leveling experiences to share?



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Anyone have any good “knit this to learn this” projects?

For instance, scarves are great at learning how to knit and purl, and how to cast on and off. And how to not knit that last stitch in the row, cause that will increase your number of stitches, Allison, so stop doing that!

And the little booties I just made are great for learning how to decrease stitches.

I want to try socks, but I’m afraid. I want to try those endpaper mitts, but I’m afraid of those too =(  Does anyone have any suggestions for something that’s kind of in between? I’d appreciate any comments!


Mission Impossible.

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So I knit the other bootie on the comey-aparty yarn, and boy was it a beeotch. UGH. Plus, it calls for some decreases (which I was like, oh hell yeah, bring it on, I totally know how to do this), which I did very well! Except I decreased too much. It said “Decrease using this pattern until you have 19 stitches left on the needle.” So I’m decreasing row by row, and it seems as though it’s going pretty slowly, and I’m counting my stitches, and it’s like, 24 stitches, then 23, and so I kind of go on auto-pilot, and do like two more rows with the decreases, and all of a sudden I count my stitches and I have 17. Wtf? And I’m like, O rly? and the bootie (half knit, but still able to mock me) is like, ya rly. And I’m like, no wai!

Turns out that the pattern calls for two decreases for each row (which I was doing), and I just didn’t realize that the number of stitches would decrease so rapidly. Sigh. So then I’m like uhhhh how do I get this fixed. …………….

So I wasn’t sure how to undo it. But now that I’m thinking about it, it’s probably just the same as undoing a regular row, but you just have to make sure that both stitches are back on the left needle when you fix the decreased stitch. Does that make sense? Makes sense to me now, but at the time I think I kinda freaked out, and decided to just keep knitting.

The bootie is now done, but the ankle part is too tight (duh. What did I expect). The yarn was so difficult to work with that now I don’t even really want to do a second one. =(

Moving on to other things though, I want to try and attempt Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts <-this here be a link!! but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it =( I’m just not ready. It’s pissing me off that I’m not ready, but I’m not. It would be my first time on circular needles, and my first time knitting with two colors, and my first time knitting a glove. I don’t know what to do! Should I try knitting a glove first without color?

Wait, actually, that’s a pretty rad idea. Maybe I’ll do that. I have the yarn, I just need the DPNs. We’ll see….

Also: pics will be coming…..(drum roll please) TONIGHT! I’m stopping back at my place to pick up my camera software, and then heading back over to P’s to install it. So be prepared for a baby bootie extravaganza!