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Yum, a shawl! November 10, 2008

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So just fyi, I’m dedicating this blog to knitting only. Even though I know there *are* in fact people out there who love knitting AND love world of warcraft (yes, I’m talking to you, ravelry group =P), the audience is, well, kind of small. Awesome! But small. So you can now find my WoW blog at:

Moving on to knitting: I just ordered the Denise Knitting Kit (or whatever it’s called). Info on it here (<–linky linky!) It’s basically got every single thing you would ever need (I’m talking needles and cords here) for knitting. Considering that I’ve been spending an arm and a leg for just one pair of single pointed needles in one size (like, over $10), I feel like this is a pretty good investment. If anyone has this kit, let me know how you like it!

Along with ordering the knitting kit, I also ordered some lightweight cream colored yarn to make this shawl for my mother for christmas. It’s absolutely beautiful, and I can’t wait to start on it. It *looks* like the pattern is difficult, but when you actually go through the stitches needed, it seems pretty manageable! I’m really excited about this, because I think I’ll actually be able to do it =P I’ll definitely be taking pictures of this one while I do it/when it’s done (unfortunately, still no camera set up on my laptop at the moment… I know, I know. I’m sorry! No, really, I am =( -cowers-)

What it *should* look like when complete:

What it *should* look like =)

What it *should* look like =)

Also, thanks for the suggestions about the hats! Double pointed needles scare me, but I *really* have to learn how to use them sooner or later. I can’t knit garter stitched scarves my whole life!! I refuse!! -puts foot down, starts riots, general mayhem ensues- I used to make excuses: “Well, I have to go buy the right sized DPNs before I can start this project, and, well, oh darn, I uh, forgot to pick them up at the store today while I was in there buying yarn, hm” or, perhaps “DPNs have a 100% greater chance of stabbing me in the night due to the fact that they have TWO points instead of ONE, so, I better just steer clear of those. Yup. You buy those DPNs, you’re gonna lose an eye. Vicious little things those are. What’s that? Oh, well, no I’ve never actually heard of that happening. BUT- BUT IT COULD. -cue eerie music-”

See, but now I have my Denise Knitting Kit on the way, and I have no more excuses. I WILL make a hat! I WILL make socks! YEAH! -jumps, fist pump, freeze frame!, roll credits-

Can’t wait for this stuff to come in the mail. =P

Hope you all are knitting happily away!!


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